Irish Tenement and Saloon

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Picture of white granite teaware set Picture of some Houseware Picture of Teawares Picture of White granite chamber pot Picture of Stoneware beer bottles Picture of Yellow ware spittoon Picture of Pepper sauce bottle

For the Irish fleeing the potato famines - as well as for other immigrants - life in New York was an improvement from a material standpoint.

Picture of Embossed medicinal bottles Picture of Figured cologne and scent bottle

Newly arrived immigrants worked in a variety of skilled and unskilled jobs, including construction, carpentry, masonry, dressmaking, printing, housekeeping, and hat making. Men, women, and even children contributed to the family income which hovered around $600 a year, enough to put meat on the table at most meals and buy fashionable household goods and clothing. Picture of Proprietary medicinal bottles Picture of Embossed patent medicine bottles For working-class men, life included membership in fraternal orders, trade unions, and fire companies as well as the camaraderie of the many local grog shops. Women formed strong support networks in the tenements, sharing the burden of child care and domestic responsibilities.

Picture of Soda water bottles Picture of glass ink bottles Picture of Umbrella part, collar stay and buckle Picture of gemstone, syringe, and comb Picture of Clay and glass marbles Picture of 19th-century clay pipes Picture of two clay pipes

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