Feature J, 472 Pearl St.

Picture of 472 Pearl Street

Artifacts from the Features

The Five Points site yielded a trove of more than 850,000 artifacts, only some of which are depicted here. On September 11, 2001 the collection was in storage at GSA’s archaeology lab in the basement of 6 World Trade Center pending relocation to a permanent repository. Sadly, these artifacts were all destroyed with the exception of a few select items, including the Father Mathew teacup, that were on exhibit elsewhere at that time.

An MCC Tunnel Artifact-Cattle horn cores and miscellaneous bone The Pearl Street Tanneries - MCC Tunnel

Picture of clay tobacco pipesThe Hoffmans - Feature AF

Picture of glass ink bottlesIrish Tenement and Saloon - Feature O

Picture of 'Old blue' pitcherA Chatham Street Oyster House - Feature AM

Picture of Twill cloth fragment From Needle Trades to Street Musicians - Features H and J

Picture of Five Points
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